About Ripples Of Change ~ Inspiring CommUnity, Positive Change, Healing and Regenerative Thriving

Welcome Earth Fam, We are Benjy and Sofia! This is our online Platform, dedicated to inspire positive ripples of change in all Areas of life, earth, evolution 🙂

Answering our hearts Question on: “What can we do?” ~ Starting by changing and healing ourselves and the whole Earth as a result of Mindfulness, Meaningful connection, Regenerative food, business, farming and Ecology Friendly lifestyles!

By empowering you to speak up, stand up, love out loud for life in your unique way, and inspiring everyone to let go of fear, masks, and the Meaningless hamsterwheel life…

Envisioning United Action

We believe that true change and positive impact ripples occur when we work together as a big community an”earth Family” towards common goals, driven by wanting to solve challenges from the heart or our deeper divine “knowing”.

Our platform offers the opportunity for seeking and open individuals to connect with like-minded individuals who want to be the change in the world, we will be sharing Game changing Projects, networks, and solutions on exciting topics. sharing knowledge and ideas to thrive together and collaborate on other community events, platforms and initiatives to bring forth a blossoming Ecotopia reality! <3

Sharing, Caring and Simply Uniting, to help guide you on your regenerative journey.

1. Learn: Here, the most Amazing Resources, books, Podcasts, Channels… To learn about Regeneration, Regen Agriculture, solutions, healing, and so much more. https://farmersfootprint.org.au/learn/

We will inspire, by showcasing Practical ways forward and Together!

1. We will be creating videos, articles, and collections, empowering people with authentic Stories, content that can be fun, educational as well as truthful storytelling about life-affirming living, Healing, Business and more…

2. incredible projects, game changing Innovations and new and ancient ways of Relating and Evolving as one earth Family.

One big area we focus on is:

What can i do?

> How can i help the world heal?!

There are 1001 solutions to any challenge!

>Contributing to a better “World, Humanity & Local Environment”

starting In whatever way we can in this moment

Igniting Love ~ Kindness ~ compassion

Every little action counts ~ towards regenerative thriving in oneness with all life

Ps: “Regenerative” means: making everything we touch better, accumulating life. beyond simply sustain~able, (sustaining what is)

~》Accumulating Life force, diversity, Energy, adding value and health to all steps on the ways in whatever we do. (Business, lifestyle, social, Food production, education)

Big love, Benjy & Sofia.

On “Ripples of change”, we focus on providing practical “permaculture” solutions (Permanent ~ Regenerative ~ Cultures)

  • Empowering for positive Action, regeneration and healing on all levels.
  • Online and offline courses
  • hosting community events
  • inspiring change through workshops
  • Solutions ~ holistic Lifestyle
  • Earth business, and health ~solutions

Our Mission

Our goal is to help people thrive in harmony with nature ~ “Disconnect to re~connect with our innate wisdom”

~》by offering sustainable solutions, meaningful ways of living and Working by promoting the interconnectedness of all life.

Our platform acts as an eco~system hub or library for individuals seeking inspiration and practical resources to help them lead a more sustainable, connected, and truly fulfilling life from the heart.

Find your why ~ Connect to actionable solutions

We offer passionately a diverse range of content, including articles, visual storytelling, live webinars, videos, courses and workshops, with expert input from a wide variety of professionals and grassroots pioneers in the field of permaculture, regenerative living, holistic healing new and ancient wisdom and sustainable solutions for a blossoming future on earth!

Collective responsibility x3

Let’s take action. it’s time for Greatness

So whether you’re seeking to learn more about sustainable holistic living, connecting with passionate individuals for a cause, or simply seeking a place to be inspired and informed about evolution or health, our platform has something for you.

Join the change makers Mission

Join us in a journey towards collective wellness, thriving, authentic sharing, and relating as well as regeneration at the core of all.

Short Intro with Benjy Bananas, or green thumb ~ Embodying Unity, Ecstatic evolution in all areas of life. Partnering up as one earth family!

Benjy green thumb With a quickie about this Platform for Unity, regenerative action, health, healing and Simply Evolving together! X3 much love

Who we are, why ecstatic oneness, our mission. Love, unity, evolution, regenerative action and empowerment for pro planet or evolutionary lifestyles. We are one big family! Divine in essence, rooted on this earth ~ Gaia

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