Restoration Of Ecosystems and Human Spirit ~ Podcast With John D Liu

Miraculous movements of global regeneration camps! Gain deeper understanding of the symbiotic actions we can do, gaining inner peace, connection, hope, love…

Here, john d liu with ecosystem restoration camps
Such wonderful examples of what we can do!

“people are ready to do restoration” everywhere

amazing camps for restoration of earth and our connection

We reach that point where we understand ‘Okay, we’re in symbiotic relationship with natural earth systems. We’re not protected by the GDP. We’re not protected by chemical fertilizers or genetically modified organisms. We’re protected by living systems. We are part of living systems that have existed over billions of years; they don’t belong to anybody; they belong to everybody. We are part of the system.’” – John D. Liu

John D. Liu joins hosts Patrick Leung and Armando Davila in this wisdom-filled episode that explores humanity’s power to create a new economy that can lead the world back to balance by valuing the life support systems of our planet over all else. John

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