Reflections from the heart

Exploring my new life with so much curiosity and letting it show me every step of the way without rushing in to it… allowing the magic to unfold everyday. 

Four years ago, when I came to Australia I never imagined all the transformation that was awaiting to be unleashed within. Perfectly orchestrated…otherwise I wouldn’t be here. As we know, change is scary, sometimes. But the more we dive deep, and JUMP, (even when it is tooooo high, that it seems impossible to do it) … the divine force wraps us in its infinite love and abundant support.

We usually tend to run and react when things get complicated. But I have learnt that every-time I breath, come back to my body, breath again with compassion, love and choose to STAY…just a bit longer…there is a new PORTAL that opens up. A new TIMELINE…New pathways are created on the subconscious. 

In this process I always reassure my inner child. I tell her that she IS SAFE, that everything is and will be alright…That we are a team, we are guided and protected… 

And YES, our COURAGE to keep going during difficult times, it’s what really builds up in US SO MUCH confidence. And TRUST. Trust in the universal force that unite us. 

We don’t need to know how everything will be or stay hours going back to the past… it’s done now! We learned what we needed to…Can we let it go? 

Let’s be like the ocean that comes and goes clearing its waters with no regrets, just allowing it to be, perfect, divine… 

With so much love, always, Sofia

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