We are not the voices in our heads

We are eternal, we are energy, ✨our light is timeless, bright, and full of magic. We can transform ourselves, we can be anything we dream to be, by just believing and feeling it. We can create our being like a beautiful piece of art. What if we start BREATHING and DIVIN into the unknown?

Breath to the darkness of your soul, breath to your deepest truth. Shine from inside. Connect with the earth, dance, touch, feel your senses. Feel every part of your being. Get out of your thoughts, release the expectations and get out of the SURVIVAL mode our society had created in order to keep us sleeping with no hope. Evolution requires that we change the mindset once placed by the environment we were born. Evolution requires identifying patterns and changing them by being aware, being CONSCIOUS, being present. We are not the voices in our head. We are the ones who LISTEN to them.


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