Incredible Podcast with Zach Bush Md, about Human and planetary Healing, Ai, Health and more

Another mind blowing, heart opening podcast  with the wonderful Zach Bush and rich roll dude:

We all feel, that We are at a crucial point in terms of human and planetary health.

Discover ways forward for whole humans, as a part of a miraculous system of Life!

Despite rapid advancements in technology and innovation, the solutions we need seem to be out of reach for most.

Zach Bush, MD, a triple board-certified physician and thought leader in the microbiome’s relationship to health, disease, and food systems, believes that spiritual evolution and reconnection with nature is the way forward.

In this podcast, Zach discusses the link between human and planetary biology, the impact of soil quality on our microbiome, ways to regenerate the Earth, and how we can work together for a healthy future for all.

Listen to this fascinating exchange on Spotify:

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