Natural Solutions To Neutralise Chemicals and Roundup From soil

How can i Restore degraded land and neutralize chemicals like roundup, glyphosate and co… here some research on new and ancient technologies to restore soils, called Plants! These bioremediation or Photoremidiation plants help to neutralise heavy metals roundup and chemicals from soils. Similiar to using nitrogen fixing and Beneficial plants. Lets dive into this exciting area together.

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There are several plants that can help to neutralize chemicals from soil. For example, sunflowers have been used to absorb radiation on the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster¹

2. Mustard greens can absorb lead and have been used on playgrounds in Boston to keep kids safe¹.

Sunflowers are used in environmental remediation through a process called phytoremediation. This process employs various types of plants to remove, transfer, stabilize, and/or destroy contaminants in the soil, water, and air⁴.

Sunflowers are known to be hyperaccumulators, which means they can absorb high concentrations of toxic materials, including zinc, copper, lead and radioactive waste from soil and water. The resulting waste is stored in the leaves and stems of the sunflower².

Sunflower was most notably used after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster (1986) to remove cesium and strontium (radioactive elements) from the soil and ponds surrounding the disaster site. Seeing the success of the sunflowers in Chernobyl, this same technique was used in Fukushima, Japan after the recent nuclear meltdown¹.

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Removing roundup From Contaminated soil and farms

In addition to using plants, another effective method for removing Roundup from soil is by using a carbon-rich soil additive such as activated charcoal or biochar. These substances bind the Roundup chemical particles, rendering them inactive⁵.

More plants to neutralise chemicals

In addition to sunflowers and mustard greens, other plants that can help neutralize chemicals from soil include willow trees, which are excellent absorbers and store heavy metals in their roots¹. Poplars can also absorb a lot of water and with it can take in hydrocarbons from petrochemical pollution¹.

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