What is Roundup, and why is it so bad and what’s the solution for a healthy future?

Hi earth family, Benjy here with a important message, research and solutions for Roundup/Glyphosate, our supermarket bioweapon, poisoning the foundations of life on earth, called our Rivers, waters ocean…

We need Bacterias, microbes and a healthy Ecosystem!

Here, i want to welcome you to dive with us into the world of interconnectedness, where everything is linked in a web of harmonious, delicate balance. However, these Anti~Life toxins like glyphosate, main ingredient in roundup, and fungicides are sprayed all over our food, rivers, and waters…

~》poisoning the very foundations of life on earth – our biome, ecosystems, and all living beings who rely on this balance of organisms to thrive.

Learn about glyphosate and its effects from zach bush

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A gallery of eye opening facts about Glyphosate and roundups devastating effects on life on earth

But did you actually know that you are a universe of microbes?

Your brilliant body is a gorgeous work of nature, designed to thrive with a constant influx of helpful bacteria.  In fact, your health suffers without them.  yet Industrial farming and our pharma ~ system pushed the last decades for sterilisation, anti-biotics (anti biome ~ life foundation)

Yes, that’s right – your body is more bacteria, microbes, and water than “human.” Our bodies are complex ecosystems, akin to planets, that depend on a delicate balance and mutual health of every system, organ, and tissue. By protecting our natural environment, we are also protecting ourselves, as we are inherently connected to the world around us.

One Giant web Of Life, organs and symbiotic Ecosystems

We’re so glad, there is a new renessaince of doctors and scientists revolting and once again we stand up for life bevore its too late! Join us, on a mission for life, your gut and the ecosystems that are all mirroring our inner and outter worlds.

Its the time for Unity, Regeneration and Greatness my friends!

Lets Come together and stand for solutions and life on earth!

Benjy green thumb!

This toxic soup is sprayed all over our heads and into our forests… Also, other chemicals like fungicides used in massive quantities all over the place and near our world heritage areas here in FNQ, cassowary coast, mission beach.

( Fungi-“Cide” ~ meaning “to-kill” )


You might now, We are 75% Water and whats happening is a massive poisoning of the foundations of our life source and the planet, just because we let them do it…

We would be doomed if there wasn’t already bans of glyphosate and chemical farming on the rise! Let me tell you, it hurts me so much to see the road side plants and grasses dead and decaying and even near our sacred waters everything sprayed “as if they wanted no tomorrow” ~ But, cant blame em ay, they just gotta get the job done or?!…

Im tired of these sayings because we have much better alternatives, like Steamweeding and “slasher Organic Herbicide” and people just dont realise, that these Chemicals come from “Anti Life ~ Cooperations” and certainly i wont go deeper here…

What is Roundup?


  • Roundup is a weed killer that people use to get rid of unwanted plants.
  • The main ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate, which stops plants from “making food”
  • Roundup also has other ingredients that make it work better, but some of them may be secret and harmful to most life forms!

… acts by starving fast growing plants of nutrient intake to slow death, as well as forests and water organisms as far as research goes… what do you think is the root cause of most auto-immune disorders and diseases?! Yess, You guessed it, and even autism went up, with the use of glyphosate and neonicotinoids etc… after the Wars!

Wha places are most at danger from Roundup and Chemicals?!

  • Most places near world heritage areas are very special and important for nature and culture, such as Mission Beach and the Cassowary Coast in Queensland, Australia.
  • These places have beautiful rain forests, beaches, and coral reefs that are home to many rare and amazing animals and plants, such as cassowaries, dugongs, and orchids, Treefrogs, seabirds and water organisms that need to be symbiotically healthy.
  • These places are in danger from Roundup because it can kill or harm the plants and animals that live there and poison the water . This is also affecting the people who live here or visit.
  • Studies say: It’s even found in the rain and every Families urine, who’s also eating from supermarkets and drinks “so-called normal water”

How to neutralize roundup:

1. Grow bioremediation plants ~ like sunflowers, brassicas, hemp,

2. Compost and Mulch heavvy ~ Humus/Humic acid neutralises Chemicals through its biological processes.


How does Roundup affect our health?

  • Roundup can cause many health problems for people and animals, such as:
  • Cancer
  • Liver problems
  • Trouble having babies
  • Breathing problems ~ asthma
  • Stomach problems
  • Heart problems
  • Some of these problems may happen because Roundup messes up the good bacteria in our guts, which help us stay healthy and digest food.

How does Roundup affect the environment?

  • Roundup is harmful to the environment and the living things in it, such as:
  • Plants
  • Insects
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Frogs
  • Water animals
  • Flora and fauna starving!
  • Lizards
  • Koalas
  • Bacteria
  • Roundup can also make the soil worse, make the weeds stronger, and make the climate hotter.

Roundup and other chemicals are starving fast growing plants and organisms, aswell as forests and water organisms as far as research goes… what do you think is the root cause of most auto immune disorders and diseases?! You guessed it and even autism went up, with the use of glyphosate and neonicotinoids etc…

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