Daily habits and routines for health, Happiness, inner peace and productivity

What are your daily habits?

Hola Earth Fam and inhabitants of planet earth, our mother “gaia”! Here are are our most important rituals and habits, starting with a big smile of gratitude and a breath of life!

“Atomic habits” are important, but healthy systems are the key for consistent wellbeing, balance, growth…

Keeping the sacred balance, ayy!

Where true happiness is aligning with peak performance?

Our “cardinal rituals” begin as soon as we arouse from sleep, adorning our faces with a wide grins of gratitude while savouring the invigorating breath of vitality and joy, appreciating all the things we love and have!

Although seemingly small, these “elemental habits” hold significant importance for us! Yet, it’s the robust wellness systems that provide the fundamental backbone for continual health, equilibrium, and development. Genuine contentment in all aspects of life – be it personal or professional, intimate relationships or friendships – is an ever-changing phenomenon. However, certain structural frameworks persist as follows:

  • Try to not eat after 5 pm especially no sugars or heavvy stuff!
  • Morning wake up with a smile,
  • Celtic sea salt with water
  • Stretch in bed ~ Neck, rolling ankles and rists,
  • Beath exercise, Stretch in bed, Yoga
  • Lemon water,
  • Dry brushing, tongue scraping
  • Oul pulling, massaging
  • Meditation of any kind (manifesting, envisioning future self, affirmations…)
  • Set times and systems for business, working online,
    • Working on videos, online peojects.
  • Do one pro planet post per week at least.
  • Cardio at least 20 minutes per day

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