Co-Creating A Beautiful World – with Zach Bush | Deja Blu EP 92

Wow Universal earth Fam, This can spark Up the divinity in many Of us!

~》 Soo much deeply Beautiful in here, please listen! 🙏💚
(Especially the last 45 mins! )

🌄 Inviting you on this Journey with ZACH BUSH MD (one of the most incredible beings ive listened to! Fully re connected, embodied and opened to divine glow!

~》 and Another amazingly lit up being “blu”

🙏🌄 This is phenomenal and please share widely to inspire fellow Beings to embark on the fullness of what this wonderful life has to offer.

🌊 Shine bright now, Dont wait till your death bed to figure out lifes there to be enJoyed and recieved

~》 We have to stop rushing, doing, trying, running around..
~》 and just be still to see the millions of “rainbows” in the river of life 😍

☯️ Whats broken in the world and How Whats next?
🔥 ~》 About the broken masculine, a society and men that run around tryna fix everything and always gotta show up strong, hard, capable…

🌈 These wonderful beings are absolutely and literally blowing minds with the natural divinity they are expressing,
~》 Zach bush and deja Blu

🌈 Reminding us we are always connected
~》 we are one with all life
~》 every moment is sacred if we allow it to be

I love you all!
Lets shine bright, joyful, divine, sacred, silly, playful, awesome as were meant to be !

Sofia Sirena
Te amo tanto miraculous being!

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