The best free movie platforms for positive change, activism, and Empowerment

Aloha earth Heroes, guardians and family! Here are two incredible platforms that are transforming movie watching into a catalyst for activism and positive ripples of change.

Nr 1 Waterbear network with free App

WaterBear Network has put together a platform teeming with inspiring and deeply moving movies that reach the heart and stimulate action. More than just a streaming service, it introduces action into your movie watching experience.

Actionable steps and meaningful connection in one place:

Each film comes with associated actions and petitions, presenting a simple solution for every problem that’s showcased. It’s like a cinema that literally lets you walk out the movie hall and step into the arena of change – right from the comfort of your home!

Recently, they featured ‘We, The Power: The Future of Energy is Community Owned’. It’s a gripping film that unpacks the journey of robust, community-owned energy systems to tackle climate change. Accessible at:

~》 it’s a must-watch and a must-act for climate-conscious citizens across the globe.

1.2 Drivers of Change Movie

Nr 2. Films for Action ~ inspired us deeply!

~》 is another formidable player in the field of transformative cinema. This platform is committed to offering vital lessons on earth care and fair share, fostering an understanding of the potential of a society that respects and safeguards its natural and trivial resources, all through engaging storytelling.

Watch InterReflections: A Story about The Greatest Revolution of Our Time (2020)

“They seek to stop further destabilization of the world in the mid 21st century by strategically shifting technological focus from “weaponry” to “livingry”.

Available at the swipe of a finger, wherever you are, these platforms are redefining screen time, transforming it into a source of meaningful involvement and positive action!

Much love, Benjy and Sofia x3

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