Must watch ~ Russel brand on “Canada shocking the world, taking away freedom of speech, bank accounts and liberty!”

This is urgent earth family! Im asking you from my heart, to watch, observe, understand, and act NOW, Whatever you do this is So important, otherwise we will have no rights, no truth on any social media or online platform and no money ha.ha…

Love over fear ~ Iron sky paolo nutini! (Charles chaplin speech)

Russel brand ~ DeBanking people in canada!
Watch russel brand ~ canada shocks the world

It makes us better prepared to stand for what’s right. Let us be the collective voice of wisdom and conviction sharing our insights to illuminate the path to solutions. After all, an informed populace is the cornerstone of a vibrant democracy.

Our freedom of speech gets taken away! Our banks can be frozen any time just by protesting for freedom and rights of speech!

Today, I want to bring to your attention about something imperative, a matter that strikes at the heart of our most cherished values – Freedom, right for truth and speech and Financial Independence. It’s a concern that affects us each, shaping the tapestry of our lives!

Have you ever pondered if the status quo we’re currently navigating is equitable or in sync with the principles of democracy we hold dear? Questioning the fairness of our system ignites the spark that fuels the fire of transformation, the same transformation we are in dire need of today.

I urge you all, never let the flame of hope be extinguished.

As the proverbial beacon in the darkness, it leads us to stay the course. The path requires us to awaken our fellow comrades, not in a confrontational manner but with an embrace of love and compassion.

Let’s use technology and move to digital networks, making our voices resonate louder, our messages reach farther, by Being United!

Take a moment to ponder. How many times have we been oblivious to the slow creep of our fundamental rights being taken away? The subtle, yet significant changes that are taking place globally, unbeknownst to many, behind the veil of our collective inaction. It’s alarming, isn’t it?

So, I appeal to each one of you – Be that clarion call. Stand up, not just against the tangible, visible threats to our freedom but also those that often go unnoticed.

Join hands in this shared responsibility. Share this message wide and far. Stand up for solutions and act upon them. Your voice matters. It’s your turn to shape the world. Let’s make it better, together.

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