Now is the time to live your purpose ~ with these 3 Life changing Questions

Love out loud Light being! Don’t settle for a life that doesn’t align with your passions and values. Break free from the expectations and limitations that society imposes on you. Write these questions down, contemplate deeply and honestly on them, write down your answers and do it again in a week! Much love Benjy and sofia!

Your meaningful life can start here!

~》Love yourself and others unconditionally!
~》forgive yourself. Your parents, everyone!
~》 Time to Unite, with life and each other, as one earth Family!

The 3 life Changing Questions

~》 In 2019 i discovered through many books, like the why cafe and The alchemist, To live a purposeful life, you simply need to ask yourself these three questions:


~》What do I want to experience, create, and feel in life?


~》How can I grow and evolve into the best version of myself?


~》How can I contribute to a more beautiful world by healing, nurturing, and regenerating the earth and its communities?

Join us and millions of others who are living their hearts

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~》 Together, we are making a difference ~ #Ripplesofchange #regenerativeUnity

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