About Benjy and Sofia

Benjy and Sofia are inspiring positive change as content creators, visual storytellers and facilitating Events online and offline.

Why we Love “Ecstatic Oneness”:

We stand for Unity, Love, freedom, abundance for all!

Being Alive, flowing, vibrant and childlike! Not attached to anything, nor judgemental to anyone or thoughts. In the moment as one Family! Evolving together!

Empowering healing, positive change and regeneration in all areas of life, society, business and Self. Moving forward and together into the Golden Era with the earthship gaia. PRO PLANET, PRO EVOLUTION. THE FIGHT IS OVER.

Benjy is a multi-fascettet creator travelled asia and australia the last 5 years, learning what life is about for him and “what We all can do”

regenerator who works with Symbiotic Sustainable~Regenerative Systems from the heart to serve the evolution of the whole. Also sharing About how we all can live holistically, healthy, united for a blossoming future for all life on earth. From Breathwork to Yoga, to mindful gardening and Ecofriendly/Regenerative lifestyle… This is why we called it Ecstatic oneness

About Sofia,

Sofia Sirena Del Mar is a wonderful Colombian fairy. Guided by the her higher heart light, she is came to Australia 4 years ago to explore life from different perspectives and get to rediscover herself in a new environment. Having a deep knowing that there was something else at the other side of the veil, she decided to dive deep into each of the layers that were stopping her of becoming what she was always meant to be. She finally acknowledge that nothing external would give her what she was looking for. And that’s were the real journey took place.

Sofia loves connecting with her body through Yoga, Meditation and Self-Massage-Energy Healing. She belongs to the ocean, that’s her real home. Loves to be naked, no clothes and no masks. She is what you see, real as can be. Sensitive, very sensitive. But also carry’s within so much fire, power and love, so much love! She is not perfect, but she doesn’t want to be. SAT NAM.

Mother Nature children with “difficulties” and creating noroushing womens circles. She loves to drink cacao with Benjy Bananas with cardamom, Mct oil, turmeric… aswell as she is in deep Love with the ocean as a energy healer and mermaid. More info soon 🙂


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