Green Thumb Solutions ~ Holistic gardens and Food forests ~ Mission Beach and cassowary coast

Welcome, CommUnity! I’m Benjy “Green Thumb,” and I’m excited to introduce you to Green Thumbs Solutions. Together with my partner, Sofia, we are passionate about creating holistic gardens that transform lawns and degraded landscapes into abundant, edible, and regenerative, Life affirming environments.

Our unique approach involves incorporating permaculture as well as new and ancient solutions that promote a thriving ecosystem, making life on earth better for all.

We believe in working with~ and mimiking natures abundance and creating diversity, resulting in long-term greatness, resiliency and returns that you and the next generations can enjoy for many years to come.

join us on our holistic mission to create and transform spaces into vibrant oases, sustainable, and beautiful places that benefit both you and the environment!

“Lettuce” transform Your Yard into a vibrant Oasis!

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Hey Earth fam here A Little overview of projects we worked on.

Supporting You in Creating Abundant, Organic Gardens, implementing Compost toilets or building Domes aswell as applying Symbiotic Solutions.

“There are many solutions. Let’s find the ones that work for your context and vision”

Benjy Green Thumb

Our New Flyer ~ Our Mission ~ Supporting Your Regenerative Organic Landscape ~ Mission

Our Mission ♤ Green Thumb Solutions:

  • Organising Workshops, community events and courses
  • ~》from permaculture systems
  • to raised beds,
  • Holistic and eco friendly living
  • off grid solutions and Syntropic agroforestry
  • We love being engaged in community regeneration work, restoring the delicate balance, and bringing back ecosystems
  • Regenerative Design and true sustainability ~》we love action with  syntropic, holistic solutions,
  • Eco friendly Home, cleaning, and business
  • Compost dunnies ~》 implementing/Building compost toilets,
  • ~》Home biogas digester toilets to create your own cooking gas at home ☆ smell free and safe yes!

  • Domes ~  affordable tiny home Domes ~ aircrete and ferro cement or natural fibre, hempcrete etc.

  • ~》 water solutions ~ filters, magnetic softeners for irrigation…

“There are a million solutions for each challenge we face, its on us to choose Now!

~》 its simply all about living aligned with Mother Earth and all life!

  • We just have to connect to our ancient roots thru a new perspective”
  • Much love Benjy and Sofia

We are the regeneration Generation,

Every little action counts,
By doing what we truly love.
What noves you?
What concerns you?
What do we care about deeply,
Igniting change and thriving freely,

As one earth family,
A interconnected web of living ecstasy

“Green thumbs solutions” with sofia and benjy green thumb


~》 planning and Creating Vibrant, diverse, Abundant Gardens and Ecosystems

~♤ By mimiking Natural Ecosystems diversity to enhance productivity in the healthiest, most resilient ways.

~♤ Guiding You towards Organic solutions And Healthy Weed control without harming Our Future or any Life form.

(Not to talk about the Devastating effects of spraying roundup~Glyphosate near waterways, ecosystems, forests and any wildlife habitat!

Let’s build something great together.

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